Wig Hanger


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  • Wig hanger is designed and made of extra thick plastic material to build a sturdy and special wig stand for wigs. No easy breakage
  • The wig hangers help save more counter space compare to other wig stands and keep the bottom of your wigs dust free. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, which are great as collapsible travel wig stands in your suitcase
  • Because of the hanging design, our wig hangers fit both long and short wigs. You no longer have to choose short wig stands for your short wigs, or tall wig stands for your long wigs. Cost-effective wig holders for women and for your wig collection
  • Compare to the ordinary wig stands, our wig hangers save more counter space. 
  • Our wig hangers allows you to air dry your wigs quickly, keep your wigs in good shape and dust free, save your more room space and even hold your hats, caps and scarves