SMP what to expect

You have decided to get scalp micropigmentation now what?
After you have chosen a skillful artist, there are some steps you need to follow before you can move on to getting the procedure done.                  

Scalp Micropigmentation Pre-Care.
Caring for your scalp prior to the procedure is important for obtaining the most desired results.
We are so excited to work with you and want to give you top of the line service! In order to make sure you are fully prepared to come in, please be sure to follow these steps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call us. Thank you for choosing Custom Crowns.

To ensure the best results possible, please follow these guidelines: 

1) 1-2 weeks before your scheduled procedure, only wash your scalp with a gentle, non-abrasive shampoo. (Our protocol suggests Mother dirt acne cleanser)

2) After cleansing the scalp, moisturize it to keep it well hydrated, only if needed, as too much oil on the scalp will not allow the pigment to absorb properly. A hydrated scalp will help the ink absorb. (Our protocol suggests Merlot Day and Radiance night cream)

3) Avoid sun exposure. Wear a loose-fitting hat or use sunscreen. We want as minimal peeling as possible. 

4) Before coming in, be sure to have had solid sleep, and to eat a healthy, filling meal. No alcohol or drugs the week of. 

5) Avoid wearing any hair pieces a week prior to your treatment. 24 hours before your appointment, restrain from using a razor on your head. 

6) Hair Length – Please SHAVE your head with a razor 2-3 days before your procedure, or with clippers set on size 0 -1 the day of your procedure. 

Just as you want the look of a full head of hair, we want to give that to you. Following these steps will help your scalp be healthy and prepared for the treatment. We want you to look your best and be happy with the results. Please be sure to do your part by following these easy steps! 

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DAY 1 – DAY 4:

  • Do not touch, rub or disturb your scalp in any way.
  • Do not wash your scalp. No matter how much you want to.
  • Avoid going out in the sun. UV rays can be harmful and certainly can promote fading.
  • Avoid sweating. Do not go to gyms or do any kind of workout that can cause profuse sweating.

DAY 5 – DAY 7:

  • On day 5, you can wash your head with warm water and shampoo.
  • Start moisturizing your head to prevent dryness. Non- perfumed moisturizer is recommended.
  • Moisturize twice a day, morning and night.
  • You can wear hats and beanies to cover your head.
  • You can use electric foil shaver to shave your head. AVOID making any contact with scabs if they are still present.
  • Avoid wet shaving with razor blades for 10 days after treatment.


  • For 30 days, avoid chlorinated pools, saltwater, saunas, and steam rooms.
  • UV rays (sunlight) are dangerous for the treated area. Therefore, make sure to apply sunscreen before going out. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 50+. For 30 days avoid getting a tan on the treated area.
  • Wash your scalp with fragrance-free, antibacterial soap for the first 30 days to keep it clean.
  • Use an exfoliating cleanser as often as possible as it removes dead cells and keeps your head looking fresh.
  • Avoid products that use a high amount of alcohol. Creams and lotions that use a little bit of alcohol are fine.
  • It is recommended to avoid head sine if possible.