About us

 We are one of the very few fully nurse owned & ran hair loss clinics in the area. Our Owner is a certified Nurse Trichologist, Hair loss practitioner & Medical tattoo artist. She has always had a love for HAIR and helping people. When she was a teenager she braided hair (hair extensions) for extra money and continued on while in nursing school. After becoming a nurse, she saw the effects of the diagnosis of cancer, the disease itself & chemo treatments on people’s lives. She also noticed how hair loss effected these individuals after being diagnosed and receiving treatments were struck with yet another blow from this horrible disease. She then began to brainstorm about how to combine my two loves. She wanted to provide care that incorporated my love for hair with my knowledge as a nurse. She could combine my love for medically caring for patient’s by providing information and helping them heal by making them feel good about what they see when they look in the mirror while going through the treatment. During research she realized not only cancer patient's lose their hair. She learned that there were many other hair loss conditions and people she could service. She then obtained her Trichology, hair loss & medical tattoo artist certification and now performs several treatment services in out clinic that provides daily solutions to those suffering from hair loss.

She finds that  her services helps others to keep positive and helps them to deal with psycho-social emotions that may come with hair loss. Obtaining a younger or more appealing look that is satisfying to the client is the goal.  I discussed this idea with one of my eight aunts and other family members often as well as did some research, but did not have all the proper resources to get it started. My aunt would often encourage me and share stories that she saw on television that were similar to my idea.

A few years later after helping to plan, creating and bringing to life the wedding of my dreams she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and shortly after passed away. This was very heart-breaking to myself and my family. Many of us are still dealing with it today she was a beautiful soul. Because of all of the treatments she did lose her hair and in her passing she became my very first patient. The launching of Custom Crowns is in Honor of my aunt Myrtis Jane Allen. I FINALLY DID IT MYRTIS! She will always be remembered.