The ultimate skin & hair care set


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We got you covered with this ultimate set which includes 3 products with 6 uses & it's unisex! You will save $6.00 buy purchasing this package. All thought the items can be purchased separately The 3 in 1 shampoo has 3 major essential oils and 4 organic oils with strips hair of dirt and products while simultaneously restoring essential nutrients needed for hair growth. This unique product does the same for your skin, which means it works great as a bodywash as well.  The 2 in 1 scalp moisturizer/ pomade can be used for waves for men with low cuts and can be used as a body butter for women or in the scalp. The oil is a growth oil for the scalp and can be used as a beard oil as well. 

Lastly since the ingredients are organic they can be used to treat some skin conditions.

This product does contain Rose Mary, Lavender, Avocado &  coconut